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Chamomile Tea With Anise

CHAMOMILE WITH ANISE from BIOPLAN is a great tasting tea that brings together the properties of both the chamomile herb (see La Leonesa Chamomile tea) and the benefits of anise seed in this classic combination blended tea.



How does Anise work?

Anise is mildly diuretic and prized for its ability to eliminate gases from the digestive system, and aid, as does chamomile, with digestion. Anise contains a volatile oil (anethole, methyl chavicol, and other terpenes), furanocoumarins, flavinoids, fatty acids, phenylpropanoids, sterols, and proteins. Anethole has a strong estrogenic effect, and the seeds as a whole are mildly estrogenic. This effect may substantiate the use of anise in many feminine complaints. Pharoic medical texts from Egypt note the use of anise seeds to relive toothache.

How much should I use?

BioPlan is a wonderful "anytime" tea. We especially recommend a cup of this tea after meals. It is a great companion to a light dessert.

Because of the estrogenic effect of anethole, we discourage the use of anise during pregnancy.

calm indigestion

History and Folklore

Anise is native to the eastern Mediterranean, western Asia, and North Africa. It is widely cultivated for its seeds, used both in cooking and medicinally.

Anise had been used medicinally for centuries, and has its place in history as well. The Romans served a wedding cake strongly flavored with anise seeds to help prevent indigestion caused by overeating at the marriage banquet. From this ancient practice came the tradition of baking special cakes for weddings!

Many recognize the licorice-like flavor from after-dinner favorites like Ouzo and Anisette that are popular
digestives in Mediterranean cuisine.

Anise aids digestion, improves appetite, relieves gas pain and nausea. It can be used for cough, colds, and relieves flatulence, bad breath, and, especially in infants, colic. Mothers who sip anise tea will relieve the colic in the breast feeding baby. In combination with chamomile, it relieves insomnia and helps achieve restful sleep.



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